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Tree Trimming Services

Tree Guys & A Saw Tree Trimming Services

We live here, we work here, we’re proud to help home and business owners with Tree Trimming Services here in Central Minnesota. If you live in the West Metro area, give Tree Guys & A Saw a call today!

We’ll get you a fast, free estimate on your tree trimming project no matter the size. 

Call (763) 786-3700 for a free tree removal quote. Or, fill out the form to the right for an instant online quote!

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Tree Trimming Services

Tree Guys and a Saw is the Tree Trimming Services contractor that home and business owners living in the West Metro area trust for top-quality tree trimming services. 

Safety and customer satisfaction are our top priorities when it comes to providing the highest level of Tree Trimming service.

Call (763) 786-3700 for a free tree removal quote.

On Site Tree Visit

Our entire process is designed to make the home or business owners life easier. Your tree removal project depends on input from you, safety, coordination with local municipalities, and the actual tree removal itself. Once you’ve outlined the project and approved our proposal, you’ll be hands off the rest of the way. 

Safe, simple, and efficient. Just the way tree removal should be. 

We Propose A Tree Trimming Solution

If your project requires special equipment, or is a highly technical tree removal, we may opt to deliver a more advanced solution. Our tree removal process is always as simple and efficient as possible, while maintaining maximum levels of safety. 

Once we’ve proposed our solution, you’ll approve it and we can move forward with the project.  

Full Local Coordination Plan

If we’re completing a project that requires communication with local power or service companies, we’ll take care of that for you. We’ll obtain any special permits required for the job, so that you don’t stress about a thing. 

All this takes place while we’re scheduling the project. Once we’re signed off and free to move forward (if it’s required), we’ll get the project underway. 

Scheduled Tree Trimming and Project Completed

Our team of professional tree removal experts will arrive at your project on time and safely remove the trees as discussed in our on-site visit and outlined in our tree removal proposal. 

We’ll safely, efficiently, and quickly remove the problem trees. Our team leaves a clean worksite 100% of the time.  

Central Minnesota Tree Trimming Contractor

Tree Removal

We tackle tree removal projects of any size. 

Need tree trimming? We can handle that!

Brush clearing from large to small areas.

Talk to us about tree transplanting!

Stump grinding service, anywhere.

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