Cokato Tree Removal Project

Our customer located in Cokato, Minnesota (zip code 55321) had a desire to clean up unwanted trees in the roundabout turning area of their driveway, in order to expand the driveway area. We removed 5+ trees ranging from several feet in diameter, to 60 feet tall. Utilizing a lift, we were able to safely section each of the trees down, before removing the brush according to the homeowners request. Additionally, we removed multiple tree branches that were at risk of falling and damaging the customers home, reducing the risk of future damage to the home.
Project completion of removing a tree from a home in central minnesota

We completed this Tree Removal in Cokato, Minnesota. Our customer had the desire to remove a group of trees in multiple locations on the property, with a group of large branches that were at risk of falling and landing on the customers house.

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